As a tribute to all amazing super fathers, JR Life Sciences & Holistic Way created a special Super Dad Essentials range of supplements. Choose from any or all of the following 5 products at a very special promo price of just $19.90 each*.

  1. Holistic Way Multivitamin
  2. Holistic Way Acidophilus
  3. Holistic Way Sugar Factor
  4. JR Life Sciences Omega 3 180s
  5. Holistic Way Calcium Magnesium Zinc

*Promotion is valid from 17 to 24 June only and while stocks last.

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To customise your cart, remove the products you do not wish to purchase and adjust the product quantity of each product as desired.

In fact, take this opportunity to stock up on your favourite supplements.

Here’s wishing all fathers a Happy Father’s Day!

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