Project Description

The National Day Discount Booklet is a cheque book-sized booklet full of merchant promotions, distributed during Singapore’s annual National Day Parade (NDP). Up till 2019, the print booklet has been distributed in the official NDP Funpacks for 18 parade editions.

Since 2020, we have been distributing the print booklet versions directly to 170,000 HDB households. An online NDP Discount e-Booklet, featured on various web and mobile app platforms, including the official NDP website, also allowed many more people to enjoy the coupon promotions on-the-go.

Check out our NDP eCoupons here.


Publicity at the Parades

A bookmark with QR code to our NDP 2023 Coupons website was included in all the NDP Funpacks distributed at six parade shows held at the Padang. The same QR code was also flashed on the digital screens during the pre-parade segment to encourage spectators to check out the promotions available in the NDP Coupons.


Social Media Marketing

We promote our NDP Coupons daily on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and our Telegram channel.


There was also publicity on NDPeeps, the official NDP social media.


Influencers Engagement

We collaborated with @Ivianathui, an influencer to take an “NDP Coupon Challenge“. Her journey of using the NDP Coupons to enjoy various deals is documented in a series of TikTok videos.


We also engaged 50 nano influencers, mostly SAHMs, to talk about the NDP Coupons on their social media (Facebook, Instagram & IG Story).

See sample posts here and here.


Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising

We ran a 4-week campaign with a 15-second video running on Anjels‘ network of digital screens installed at 86 condominiums.


Email Marketing

View some of the email blasts that we did to promote our NDP 2023 Coupons.


Nestia Splash Page Marketing

The NDP Coupons were featured on the splash page of the nestia app for a duration of six days.


Media Coverage

Here are some digital media platforms that featured our NDP Coupons: