Some of us may think that all it takes to maintain good health is to sleep adequately, exercise regularly and eat moderately. Of course, this mantra is well and good, but is there something more you could do?

Here are a few suggestions, albeit random ones, to get you started.

#1 Choose healthier options

The most practical way to know if you’re picking out the healthy stuff from our local supermarkets is to look for the healthy choice symbol… you know, that red pyramid icon.


For those shopping from home, you can purchase a lot of these healthy choice products is from Grocery Owl, an e-commerce site powered by Lam Soon Singapore. Complement your holistic lifestyle with products such as UFC brand Almond Milk, which is dairy-free and lower in sugar; Naturel range of oils that are lower in saturated fat; Natural organic rice; etc.

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You can also check out Lion City E-Mall by the company that distributes brands like Gold Kili and Frezfruta. For those conscious about your sugar intake, look out for their sugar-free range of spreads, including peanut butter, kaya and fruit jams.

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#2 Stay hydrated

We all know the importance of drinking water to stay healthy, but do you believe that plain water can be made better? Those who tout alkaline water often testify that it tastes more refreshing and may even improve immunity or skin conditions.


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AOX, another well-known Singapore brand, also offers a range of award-winning alkaline water dispensers that you can install in your home. When on the go, such as when at a beach picnic or during a corporate event, you can still enjoy the taste of quality AOX water with their 5-litre Collapsible Jumbo Bag, available now at 50% off (U.P. $14.90).

#3 Protect your peepers

If our eyes are the ‘window to our souls’, as what Shakespeare said, shouldn’t we be taking extra care of them? Especially in this age when our eyes are constantly glued to digital screens such as computers and mobile phones, we need to remind ourselves not to over-strain our eyes by taking frequent breaks and to limit the time we engage in near-work activities.

For those who wear spectacles, another way you can protect your eyes is to get prescription lens with blue light protection. Designed to cut down brightness and glare of display screens, such lens reduce stress on your eyes.



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