VICollegeLiveStreaming3Love may be the reason why a couple decides to put a ring on it, but commitment and respect is what keeps the marriage together.

In the 3rd episode of our VI College Talkshow Series: Securing Your Future Amidst Uncertainty, host Celestia Faith Chong and Pauline Teo of VI College will meet married couple and co-founders of Lunch Actually, Violet Lim and Jamie Lee, to discuss everything from the dating game to challenges faced after marriage. The couple will also share how they overcame COVID-19 together and why it’s necessary to consistently build up resources to stand up to unforeseen family crises like these.

Join us for our FB live stream on Wednesday, 28 Oct 2020, 5:30pm – 7pm on Celestia’s Facebook



What’s the mindset of the millennial generation? What lifestyles do those in their 20s pursue these days?

Celestia Faith Chong will be hosting the second episode in our VI College Talkshow Series, where two millennials share their thoughts about starting off their career lives, while guest Pauline Teo of VI College gives tips on what financial decisions they need to make to secure their futures.

Watch Episode 2 here.



One is a fishmonger turned FB Live star. Another is a civil servant turned investment guru. What do both persons have in common and what can they learn from each other?

Join host Celestia Faith Chong as she chats with Pauline Teo, Executive Director of Value Investing College – VIC and Max Kee of Lian Huat Seafood on their perspectives of entrepreneurship. Hear their inspiring stories and take home valuable insights too.

If you missed the Episode 1 live session, watch here.
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