The world is in lockdown and we miss those days when we could just pack our luggage and jet off for a vacation.

This month, as you spend the (brought-forward) mid-year school holidays with your kids at home, satisfy your family’s wanderlust with a virtual tour to discover places of interest in faraway lands. It’s as close as you can get to the real thing, for now.

Start your journey by clicking on the links below… no passports required and no worries about accumulating extra carbon footprint!



Zoo Live Cams

Say hello to animals at zoos around the world with their special live cams, livestreams or educational videos.



Aquariums & Reefs

There’s something therapeutic and fascinating about seeing underwater creatures in action, even if its just on your digital screen.



National Parks in United States

Virtual tours to show nature in all its 360o glory. Soak in the panoramic views and enjoy the sounds of the wild, all from the comfort of home.



Theme Park Rides

Experience the thrill (almost) of riding on a roller-coaster or take a virtual boat ride at some of the world’s most famous theme parks.



Museum Virtual Tours

From a peek at ancient relics to a walk-through of beautiful galleries, these museum tours are great for history buffs or anyone who wants to enrich the mind.



Theatres in Your Home

From Broadway to Bolshoi, the curtains may be down at all the world-famous stages due to social distancing measures, but art fiends can still tune in to digital broadcasts and live streams safely from home.


Famous Locations Webcams

See what’s happening right there, right now – right from your comfy home sofa.



Sun & Sea

Reminisce those happy days when you were basking in the sun at one of these world-renowned beaches.


Journeys of a Lifetime

Not your everyday trip, or even a weekend getaway. These journeys can only be embarked on by some privileged travellers in real life, with lots of fortitude thrown in.

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